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Made on FADEL'S for FADEL'S

You rarely need to replace the complete assembly; in most cases the gib  is all that is truly worn out. The assembly dose not have any movement and their for receives no ware and tear. Why pay the costly price to replace the complete unit when a gib is all that is needed!   Made in house to order size.

   New 5" Aluminum Gib Subsituted for
 GIB-5540 through GIB-5570                                                                           
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 New 5" Aluminum Gib  for the Gib Strap                                                          

 6_gib New 6" Aluminum Gib Subsituted for
GIB-5640 through GIB-6640                                                                       

New 9" Aluminum Gib Subsituted for
GIB-9515 through GIB-9645                                            


  New 12" Aluminum Gib Strap  



New 18" Aluminum Gib                     

Spcial Order allow extra time for machining